TCD as a Partner of Choice - TCD's aim is to become the Partner of Choice for Spain's Research Institutions for the discovery and development of Oncology drugs. In doing so TCD will capitalize on the high quality innovative research conducted in Spain and the limited early stage commercialization and funding options currently available to researchers and early stage projects. However, TCD will evaluate and consider every opportunity presented to the Company without geographical limitations.

TCD´s Model - TCD has developed an in-licensing model different to other companies in that the Researcher plays a continued key role in supporting the project through its development. TCD believes that employing this strategy of leveraging the expertise of both its strong management team and the Researcher will result in a discovery and development program that is effective, rapid, and has a reduced cost and risk.

New Opportunity Profile - The minimal profile of Oncology projects that TCD is interested in in-licensing is:

  • A novel and innovative approach/molecular target for the treatment of cancer that has Intellectual Property protection associated with it or the potential for Intellectual Property protection.
  • A therapeutic approach that has been validated with experimental data.

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