Personalized Therapy

ChoKα is a target of unique quality. Not only can the modulation of ChoKα be used for the treatment of patients suffering from a broad variety of tumors, but it also allows the development of Personalized and Targeted cancer treatment suggesting higher probability of treatment success and an improved safety profile (fewer side effects).

Treatment personalization is achieved by analyzing the patient's tumor for the expression of ChoKα. Only those patients with high expression levels of ChoKα in their tumor are eligible for treatment, with high confidence of success. The diagnosis of the expression level of ChoKα is, therefore, a prerequisite for treatment.

The targeted destruction of cancer cells is a result of the unique addiction of these cells to phosphatidylcholine, a structural component required for their continued proliferation and controlled by ChoKα. The inhibition of ChoKα, whilst merely arresting temporarily the life cycle of normal cells, is toxic to cancer cells resulting in the inhibition of cell proliferation and cell death (apoptosis).

It is the combination of identifying the patient population that would benefit from the treatment and the difference in response to inhibition of ChoKα between normal cells and cancer cells that makes targeting ChoKα an optimal cancer treatment strategy.

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