Role in Cancer


TCD's leading target is Choline Kinase Alpha (ChoKα), the key enzyme regulating the production of phosphatidylcholine, a critical structural component required for the formation of the cell's membrane and cell proliferation. Due to this role, ChoKα belongs to a very unique type of molecules that are essential for the carcinogenic process.

TCD has demonstrated that the up-regulation of ChoKα is a critical element for the acquisition of the tumor phenotype and that this enzyme participates in at least three of the major steps in the generation of cancer: independent cell proliferation; evasion of apoptosis (cell death); and increased cell motility and metastasis.

ChoKα overexpression is an indicator of the more aggressive nature of the tumor. Thus, the use of ChoKα-inhibitors is expected to be effective in all tumor types including the more aggressive harder-to-treat cases. Lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer are just a few among the many cancer types characterized by ChoKα overexpression.

With ChoKα TCD is implementing a novel approach of targeting phospholipid metabolism for the treatment of cancer.

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